Welcome to Strange Sands!

So three years ago, I realized I had lost touch with my gaming roots. That is, somewhere after many days of Dungeons & Dragons in high school (we started the original “blue box” D&D basic set back in 1977 and played the original Ultima and Wizardry series for the Apple II), I had graduated college, started working and actually making a decent living. Somewhere in there I opened a bookstore and ran it well for 5 good years. My brother, who I had gamed with many times back in our high school days had kept up with his gaming, but had turned over to computer gaming as his main hobby – mostly due to the fact that our friends were now spread across the country, and all of us were strapped for time. I listened in envy as he described playing Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, EverQuest and ultimately of course World of Warcraft. In there were mixed any number of “first person shooters” – Doom, Half Life, Thief, Call of Duty, and so on…

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