Retro Reviews: GURPS Operation Endgame

Occasionally, I will be posting old reviews I did for The Gamer (print only) magazine back in the 1990s, and consolidating them here.  You can also find these reviews on

The USSR is dead. Long live the USSR!” That’s the principal theme of this tough, globe-spanning GURPS Espionage campaign, which starts in Copenhagen and proceeds to Moscow, the streets of Beijing, and on to the steppes of Kazakhstan. The 12-page supplement contains four fully developed scenarios that can be run separately or in conjunction with one another. The book winds up with an overview of conflicts around the world and gives ideas for incorporating the events into an ongoing campaign. Given the current situation in Russia, Operation Endgame is a timely look at the dangerous instability of a country suffering the fallout of the Cold War.

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Betarama! Diablo III, Mists of Panderia and Guild Wars 2

Well, it seems that in the last few weeks there’s been a flurry of betas released, with more coming soon.  I was able to get in on three of them—Diablo III, Warcraft’s Mist of Panderia, and the one I was most interested in, Guild Wars 2The Secret World and Neverwinter Nights are on the upcoming list, but I missed out on TERA—evidently it was close enough to the real launch that it almost wasn’t even testing but more like a pre-release.  Of course, the really big news is that Bethesda has announced an Elder Scrolls MMO, which I discussed recently—the number of games coming out in the next couple years is staggering!

Here’s my take on the three after only a small bit of playing time—in no way can I give final judgment on any of these without a bit more playing, but it was nice to get in and get my toes wet.

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PAX East and the Gaming Juggernaut

Been a couple weeks since I posted last, but it’s also been a few big weeks in the gaming world, with lots of news and a flurry of games popping up like so many motivated rabbits. PAX East is conveniently located across the river in Boston, and so this year was our first in venturing down to the new convention center to check things out.

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