About Me

Greetings! My name Gilbert Pili–I’ve been an avid roleplayer since 1977 when the blue box D&D set came out with those strange little dice you colored with a crayon.  I’ve been a web developer for 14 years and enjoy writing for games. Oh, and I opened an independent bookstore in Salem, MA from 2005-09 that won Best of Boston North in 2008, named Cornerstone Books.

For non-interactive writing, I prefer writing short stories as well short non-fiction, but I also have a completed screenplay and am working on a novel. I recently published the The Secret World Beginner Guide over on TSWDB.com.  My reviews and columns were published in The Gamer Magazine (available on rpg.net), and I wrote a regular column in Interregnum, a fantasy roleplaying zine based in Boston. Most of all, I enjoy the format of writing roleplaying scenarios (Dungeons & Dragons, RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, Harn, Lord of the Rings), presenting players with moral choices as well as intellectual and physical challenges. I view character as the key to drawing players into a scenario — there must be an emotional draw that compels the players to act and react.

I do “tabletop game writing” and am very interested in gaining more understanding in how this differs – and is similar to – computer game writing. I’m specifically interested in seeing how as writers we can provide a wider range of options to players within a story as well as portray the consequences of those actions.

I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact me in all the usual places:

Email: gpili@comcast.net




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