About Strange Sands

Strange Sands began as a printed series of tabletop roleplaying and gaming meanderings in the Interregnum zine back in 1995. Put together by Peter Maranci out of his Malden, MA apartment, it was the printed version of an online discussion group, blog and Facebook wall at a time when most people were figuring out to do with all those extra AOL disks they were getting in the mail. Here’s continuing that beautiful tradition in the wired world.

3 thoughts on “About Strange Sands

  1. gretch05 says:

    Hoping to see some content soon.

  2. You have a nice looking blog here, Gil. Very clean and easy to read. Plus a great niche. I’m going to make a suggestion that you change your header to “Gil Pili’s Strange Sands.” As an author, your # reason for blogging should be to establish your “brand” to interest publishers and readers. For an author, your name IS your brand. You want a “Gil Pili story” to be as recognizable as a “Stephen King story.” So put your name everywhere: on your blog, your Twitter handle, etc. (My “how to blog” series is in my blog archives–and will be available in one easy-to-read, updated version in “How to Be a Writer in the E-Age”–coming out this month) Shameless plug there, but it really will help new bloggers benefit from my mistakes. πŸ™‚

  3. gpili says:

    Hi Anne — thanks for checking things out here! Yep, I am pretty new to the blogging, so this is great — I will definitely be checking out your book! πŸ™‚ Updating some things as we speak….

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